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Baby Faced Assassin

The Shirts.

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Can Anyone remeber, or does anyone still have the picture of the concert shirts that matt was going to auction off?


i remember.


I hear Matt Good's a Real Asshole

Prevent Drowning: Learn to Swim

Everything I Say Is a Lie

Pissing off the World One Person at a time

Here Comes Trouble.



who remembers more?

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- Clapper the World

- Everything I Say Is A Lie

- Porno Safari

- Pissing Off the Planet, One Person at a Time

- Get Me Drunk and Fuck Me

- Here Comes Trouble

- I don't know about you but I could use me some cheap drugs and a couple of dirty hookers right about now. Know what I mean? Why don't you do some thing productive and kill yourself because standing here next to you is beginning to make me look like an idiot. And trust me, I'm capable of looking like an idiot without your assistance. You know it's not that I hate just you and you alone. I happen to hate most people, to be honest. You're just the closest one to me right now is all.

- Cofuckingquitlam

- I Will Destroy, You Will Obey

- Alien Sex Experiment Survivor

- One Down, Four To Go (picture of the Spice Girls with Geri Halliwell crossed out)

- A picture of his driver's license, blown up

- A red shirt with a picture of a pitchfork

- I Hear Matt Good's A Real Asshole

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