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Raging About The Junos

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I dont mind Nickelback, but there just isnt that much competition this year. After Nickelback is Diana Krall with a christmas album :angry: ... It doesnt get more origonal than that ;) Hopefully we get some better bands coming up to take the glory from nickelback.

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The way I see it.. if artists are really artists they don't care about the awards and the glitz

i'd be happy to get an award.


even 'real' artists can be proud when they're honoured for their work.

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i hate awards. they're so unnecessary and a total wank fest when you watch them. the speeches, the people who actually get the awards in the first place. it's all a sham.


take the grammys for instance, the judges arent even required to listen to the albums they vote for!


the junos are no better. the fact that TWO canadian idols are competing for awards this year makes me sick and proves that the judges weren't listenning in that case either. these things are not about honoring talent, achievement, or even being canadian. i hate them. they just commodify the music you listen to even further and have absolutely no fucking merit.

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i bought their album "the state" when it came out, back when barely anyone knew who they were, I thought they were pretty good at the time....but then I was an idiot and bought silver side up, expecting a similar album. It was definately one of the worst CD purchases I've made. The funny thing is that it took me a couple listen throughs of it to realize how freaking repetitive it was. I'd say the the State is definately the pinacle of their musical genius, and I mean...it wasnt even an amazing album, it was just pretty good.

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Why in Halifax?


Edit: I wish I could've just edited my last post cause I feel kinda stupid posting two times in a row

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