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Fufu Berries

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Yes, Jones Soda was what brought this topic up.


Julia still insists that Fufu Berries exsist, she was telling me that they may grow near another of our friend's house. Of course, she is utterly insane. She once told me a half an hour story about Pot Faeries.

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boysenberries are real and there is no such thing as a fufu berry.


you can 'find' them and take pictures all you like, but it won't prove anything. i could go outside and take pictures of some random berry on some random bush and tell you it was a fufu berry so yeah, your friend is an idiot, and you should probably tell her so.

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if fufu berries truely were from space then its entirely possible that some cosmic fufu berry seeds would have fallen to earth in a meteor shower...in which case they are probably propagating in some remote valley in kazakstahn (sp)...and causing all the native berry life to die off because of its unnaturally high resistance to weather change (it did fall on a meteor you know). I'd imagine that's how Jones soda has such an abundance of them...although in that case, "cosmic space berry" probably would have been a better name to call them, for marketing purposes.

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