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came to calgary to make sure my buddy don't drink. woops. good times though. how many people tried to stay alcohol free and just can't say no? is it the devil?

This is especially fun when you're the designated driver and it turns out you've become the designated drunk or designated decoy instead...


I think the devil lives at Jose Cuervo's place, man that guy's awesome

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if i can not live without my whiskey, then i do not want to live.

Amen to that.


i uses to work at a bar.... sweet, i'm going to hell!


Pretty sure we talked about this once....our bunch of friends likely have a room reserved for us in Hell. See you all there.

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The last time I said I wasn't gonna drink i totally got mreo drunk than I have ever been everr.

I have a problem saying no to teh drinking.


"Wanna come out for a few pitchers?"

"Pfft, I'm already on the Skytrain! I'll be there in 5 minutes!"


Its retarded.

I'm drubjk rightnow.


I rule.

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I'm looking forward to going to university next year and drinking.


There, I said it. I flat-out said it. I've never been drunk before. The most alcohol I've ever had at one time was a bunch of wine (probably 1 1/2 glasses worth) at one of my older Italian relatives house, because they're nuts about wine and that. I was taking Tylenol 3's at the time, which was probably pretty dangerous. People constantly talk to me about their drunken escapades and probably assume that I'm the same way. This kind of kills me a little inside. People also assume that I have a social life of some sort, but eh. What are you gonna do? Prove them wrong?


I hope that, if I can't get into my first university of choice, my parents won't object to me living in the dorms of a university that's still in the same city, but 40-50 km away. That's a considerable distance, when you think about it, and it just wouldn't be worth it to have to commute back home for 3 hours on public transit (on a good day), or for god knows how long during rush hour in a car. But I want to live away from my family and I want to attend parties and drink underage. I want to pop my "being drunk" cherry, dammit, and I don't care how much money I'll have to waste (as my brother puts it) to do it.

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