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mine looks something like this:cd's in my cd case:


u2: the best of 1980-1990

u2: zooropa

dave matthews band: before these crowded streets

dave matthews: some devil

matthew good band: a beautiful midnight

matthew good band: the audio of being

matthew good band: loser anthems

matthew good band: the last of the ghetto astronauts

matthew good band: underdogs

matthew good: avalanche


wilco: yankee hotel foxtrot

black lab: your body above me

smashing pumpkins: mellon collie and the infinite sadness

smashing pumpkins: machina

deftones: self-titled

deftones: white pony

deftones: adrenaline

chevelle: wonder what's next

chevelle: point #1

creed: human clay

creed: weathered

lifehouse: no name face

lifehouse: stanley climbfall

tori amos: to venus and back

tribute to tori amos: the pretty good years

bjork: cocoon

live: secret samadhi

live: mental jewelry

live: the distance to here

live: throwing copper

our lady peace: gravity

our lady peace: clumsy

our lady peace: spiritual machines

our lady peace: naveed

pearl jam: no code

pearl jam: binatural

radiohead: the bends

radiohead: ok computer

enigma: the screen behind the mirror

enigma: voyageur

lesium: mystic spirit voices

lesium: illuminations

pure moods IV

donnie darko soundtrack

original score to underworld

halo soundtrack

brokedown palace soundtrack

buffy the vampire slayer soundtrack

romeo and juliet soundtrack

moulin rouge soundtrack

tangerine dream: lily on the beach

no doubt: tragic kingdom

greg ellis: kala rupa

republica: self-titled

garbage: version 2.0

bif naked: i bificus

pink: missundaztood

madonna: american life

saliva: back into your system

saliva: every six seconds

3 doors down: away from the sun

fuel: sunburn

audioslave: self-titled

default: the fallout

cold: year of the spider

disturbed: believe

trust company: the lonely position of neutral

foo fighters: the colour and the shape

the postal service: give up

marcy playground: self-titled

train: drops of jupiter

train: self-titled

zao: parade of chaos

project 86: truthless heroes

still breathing:

kittie: oracle

east west: the light in guinevere's garden

blindside: silence

linkin park: hybrid theory

limp bizkit: results may vary

fear factory: obsolete

evanescence: fallen

eminem: the eminem show

cake: fashion nugget

led zeppelin: led zeppelin IV

liam lynch: fake songs

butthole surfers: weird revolution

matchbox 20: mad season

industrium post mortem: china

mogwai/denali mix

dido: no angel

dido: life for rent

delerium: chimera/bonus tracks

amethystium: aphelion

bon jovi: crush

hanson: middle of nowhere

aerosmith: nine lives


.....and more!


...geez, i'm a freak.

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im liking the CD collection (mostly) and if Halo soundtrack is the soundtrack from the xbox game you are my freaking hero!


heh i convinced my brother to buy all the novels....score!

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I'd have to be REALLY bored to type out all my cd's! ;)

My cd binder changes quite a bit because it only fits 96 and my collection is getting close to 300. I will say that the band that takes up the most space is Pearl Jam with Matt Good and Led Zeppelin not too far behind.

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'Idiot Road' - Arrogant Worms

'Russell's Shorts' - Arrogant Worms

'Born On A Pirate Ship' - BNL

'Maroon' - BNL

'A Rush Of Blood To The Head' - Coldplay

'A Mission, A Mark, A Brand, A Scar' - Dashboard Confessional

'Songs From An American Movie: Vol.1: Learning How To Smile' - Everclear

'Self titled' - The Harlots

'Crawl Spaces' - The Harlots

'Turn On The Bright Lights' - Interpol

'1' - Led Zeppelin

'2' - Led Zeppelin

'Hybrid Theory' - Linkin Park

'Meteora' - Linkin Park

'Mad Season' - Matchbox 20


'Raygun' - MGB

'Underdogs' - MGB

'Beautiful Midnight' - MGB

'Audio of Being' - MGB

'Avalanche' - MG

'White Light Rock & Roll Review' - MG

'Firewater' - NOJO

'Happiness Isn't A Fish You Can Catch' - OLP

'Caught By The Window' - Pilate

'The Bends' - Radiohead

'It's Alive' - The Ramones

'Californication' - RHCP

'We Were Born In A Flame' - Sam Roberts

'All That You Can't Leave Behind' - U2

'Blue Album' - Weezer

'Yankee Hotel Foxtrot' - Wilco

'Both Hands' - Wil

'Alapalooza' - Weird Al

'Bad Hair Day' - Weird Al

'Running With Scissors' - Weird Al


I think there's more, but I won't be home for another month and a half so this is all I can remember.

Edited by no yu begin wher i end
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Assorted software x 27

Talamasca - Zodiac

The Prodigy - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

War of The Worlds musical Remixes 1

War of The Worlds musical Remixes 2

mix - psy trance

mp3 archive 1

DJ Dean - Live in Germany

Tunnel Trance Force Volume 26

mix - goa trance

DJ Networx volume 1

Soundtrack - Quake 2

Astral Projection - Amen

Chemical Brothers - Singles 93-03 CD 1

Chemical Brothers - Singles 93-03 CD 2

mix - Psychaos

mix - Sun Project

Linkin Park - Hybrid Theory

mix - Infected Mushroom

mix - Astral Projection

Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians CD1

Infected Mushroom - Converting Vegetarians CD2

Club Sounds Volume 8 CD1

Club Sounds Volume 8 CD2

mix - chillout

mix - Talamasca


Loser Anthems

The Audio Of Being

White Light Rock & Roll Review



Last Of The Ghetto Astronauts

Beautiful Midnight



soundtrack - Kill Bill volume 1

soundtrack - Kill Bill volume 2

Massive Attack - 100th Window


mp3 archives x12

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