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Matthew Good Tv Debut

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Cheesy. But the show was cheesy. I taped it and fast forwarded to the scenes with him in them and skipped the rest. There's a new program on Global now about a record exec moving to an indie label. They use the same set.


*shakes head* The only thing I remember was that there was a Beautiful Midnight poster in the background of someone's office, and Matt walked around in a bathrobe for one scene.

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does anyone have copy of the episode and could upload it to the internet. i watched it but it was so long ago and i would like to watch it again. matt was a guest in the main characters home and over stayed his welcome "your out of malk"

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i remember watching just cause matt was going to be on and thinking it was hilarious at the time, but i don't remember much about it.. i taped it at the time, but who knows what i did with the tape.. the episode has to on the internet somewhere already though..

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