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Los Angeles Digital Noise Academy

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some of you might be familiar with the work of ken andrews. he's produced/mixed for a number of acts (pete yorn, APC, tenacious d) as well as fronted a few, most notably: failure and year of the rabbit.


now, he's got a new project in the works called los angeles digital noise academy. the premise of the band is pretty darn cool: the band itself consists of 25 members or so and when someone comes up with an idea, be it a guitar lick or drum pattern, etc., they post it on the internet for the rest of the members to see. then, the rest of the band can add to that original idea, passing it back and forth until a song has been made. so far they've written about 5 songs this way, and judging by the one that's been put online, i think they're onto something.


Los Angeles Digital Noise Academy - Circulation

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