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How Have Your Musical Tastes Evolved?

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My first real memory of music was driving to the grocery store with my mom and asking her to play 'Desperado' and 'The Heart of the Matter' by The Eagles/Don Henley over and over. Hell Freezes over was the first album I ever bought, and I got into soft rock when I got a tape player for an early birthday. I had Alanis Morisette, Tom Petty, Tom Cochrane and some other stuff I forget. As I got a bit older, I got really into Barenaked Ladies, and I still am. Then I hit the phase where I liked Green Day, Goldfinger, and shitty bands like that. Around this time I also discovered Matthew Good and he helped wean me off of that garbage. I also found and got heavily into the Goo Goo Dolls, and I've seen em live 4 or 5 times. They were my favourite band for a long while, though Matthew Good eventually eclipsed them by a large margin. I also started getting into metal, with my first exposure being to 'Embody the Invisable' by In Flames, and eventually leading to Blind Guardian and Iron Maiden. Some hard punk like Thursday was also in there.


The Matthew Good obsession continued to this day, and I now listen to all genres and types of music, from Rilo Kiley to Kamelot, Bush to Lisa Loeb, Sonata Arctica to Matthew Good. I also did a lot of listening to Matchbox 20 and Incubus, though I don't remember where these fall chronologically.


In terms of bands that influenced my devlopment, I'd say the top ones are:


The Eagles

Barenaked Ladies

Goo Goo Dolls

Matthew Good



So what's your musical story?

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yeah. mine has really evolved. i used to listen to country when i was younger. and then when i was about 8 i heard my sisters copy of siamese dreams by the smashing pumpkins and fell in love with them (and to this day, that is my all time favourite album of all time). i started to listen to smashing pumpkins, soundgarden, pearl jam. and then when i hit about 12, i started to listen to shit like korn, and limp bizkit (pukes). but then when beautiful midnight came out, i fell in love with it and how matt wrote his songs. it all depends on my mood if i like a certain band or not. but some that i used to like i sure don't like anymore.

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i wasnt big into music until the mid-late years of highschool, pretty much when i finally started thinking for myself. before then i just listenned to AM radio with my parents or what everyone at school liked. then i started liking dance music around grade 8. ;) i couldnt dance or nothin, but i listenned to the dance station all the time. then i bought americana by the offspring, which led me to limp bizkit and korn which led me to finger eleven. then i think in the summer of 2001 or so, i was really bored with current music and put on my dad's led zeppelin I record, which i think was in many ways where i actually started really getting into music. haven't looked back since.


now some of my favorite bands include: tool, NIN, matt good, APC, blur, beck, cat power, autolux, sigur ros, feist, the mars volta, nick cave & the bad seeds, godspeed you! black emperor, pearl jam etc. etc.

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-Early, small involvement with Sonic Mayhem (which I later found out was a Trent Reznor thing).


-Late elementary school: First individual band I ever really liked was Matthew Good Band, after I got Underdogs as a gift. Spiraled from there.


-Early high school, a friend of mine brought in a CD of random electronica/trance. Astral Projection, the kings of Goa trance caught my attention. Spiral again, to encompass most electronic genres, from chillout to psychedelic to deep house.


-About a year ago, a formerly active member of this forum introduced me to Nine Inch Nails.


-Progressively been getting into some punk rock type stuff lately...Anadivine most lately, Rise Against, etc.


-A little of everything else, really...I grew up with my parents listening to alot of Fleetwood Mac, The Eagles, and so on....so that's in there too.


None of these have ever been 'phases'. I still like all of it.

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Music I remember owning and playing a lot:


NOTE: I am 25 yrs. old.


(Late 1980s early 1990s?)

New Kids on the Block

C&C Music Factoy

Guns N' Roses

Pearl Jam


(Grades 9/10)

Offspring - Smash

Live - Throwing Copper

Green Day - Dookie

No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom


(Grade 11/12/OAC)

Matthew Good Band (Apparitions on the radio got me started)


Dave Matthews Band

Red Hot Chili Peppers



Dave Matthews Band


Ben Harper

Jack Johnson



A lot of Canadian 'indie' music - Weakerthans, BSS, WolfParade, CufftheDuke, Arcade Fire, etc...


Pretty cool exercise! Thanks for bringing back the memories!

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my aunt babysat me when she was in high school and mtv was brand new (!!) which means that i was a child of mtv or whatever she played for me. so i guess i started out liking michael jackson and madonna and duran duran and stuff like that and from there evolved to the hair bands because that's what she was into. so my first two records were bon jovi's slippery when wet and madonna's true blue because i'm fucking awesome. my favorite bands from 6th grade - 8th grade were faster pussycat and la guns and gn'r and motley crue - all stuff i still listen to (and only feel mildly guilty about it) and from there i evolved to soundgarden and jane's addiction and nin and sonic youth and so on and then i went through a wee misfits/dead kennedys/bauhaus/cure/etcetcetc thing and after that i just mixed everything together and rocked out with my cock out. i still like pretty much everything i've ever liked and i'm pretty open minded about music which means that most likely everyone in the world will have at least one thing in their music collection that i will approve of.

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Went from a lot of pop like shit when I was maybe 10-13 years old.


14-15 I went through my "rap phase" where that was pretty much all I listened to.


Now my tastes have refined and i'll list the artists I regularly listen to:


Alice In Chains




Bob Marley


The Clash


The Dresden Dolls

Eric Clapton

BB King

Faith No More

Foo Fighters



Jeff Buckley




Lynyrd Skynyrd

Mad Season

The Mars Volta

Matthew Good (Band)




Pearl Jam

A Perfect Circle





Seven Mary Three





The Tea Party

Temple of the Dog

The Hip

Weezer (but not their new shit)

The White Stripes



John Frusciante



Neil Young

Michael Jackson

KT Tunstall


The Who

The Pixies

Mr. Bungle




Those are probably all the bands I listen to on any semblance of a regualr basis. I have a pretty wide pallet when it comes to music now. The bolded bands are ones I listen to on an almost daily basis.

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Let me just say, I used to be a nickelback fan.


Enough said.


EDIT: I also used to listen to the radio, if that's any indication. Never again.


My first memories of music started out from my mom, listening to the radio in the car. But not just any radio station... country music! That was awful. She still listens to the stuff. I think part of the reason I started listening to shit music on the radio was as a form of rebellion against her and her ultra-shit music. It was downright embarassing whenever anyone else had to take a ride in the car with us.


Fact: I picked up Matthew Good from Big Shiny Tunes 4, which I bought 'cause I wanted to get a Blink 182 song. Fate was on my site that day. After several years of not touching the CD, I saw it one day and decided to give it a listen. I noticed one song by "Matthew Good Band" and the name sounded vaguely familiar, so I gave it a listen. That was a few weeks before Avalanche came out. I bought Avalanche as soon as I could, and was absolutely blown away. It's been all downhill from there.

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I suppose I listened to Pop when I was a kid, Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson and such. In 6th grade I started listening to the Prodigy and went through some sort of an electronica phase. In Junior High I started listening to Rock/Bands like the Goo Goo Dolls, K's Choice and such and then I got into Grunge and Post Grunge like Bush, Smashing Pumpkins, Silverchair, Foo Fighters and such. Afterwards I've started to listen to Symphonic Metal like Lacuna Coil, Within Temptation and also to female artists like PJ Harvey and Tori Amos. Lately I've been into Indie and some Emo but I still listen to a lot of Grunge and such. That's about it.

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In grade school I mostly listened to whatever was popular and on the radio at the time. Until grade 8 when I got my hands on Nirvana's Unplugged in NY album (on cassette of course). After that I went into a semi pop punk phase with Blink, MxPx, Green Day, The Living End, Gob and such. I was hooked on bands such as Nickelback (The State rocks, I don't care what anyone says), Staind, and Eve 6, among others during that period as well.


My current musical tastes, for the most part a little softer (not that I listened to anything all that hard to begin with), with my playlists mostly consisting of Matt Good, Limblifter, Dallas Green/City & Colour, Blue Rodeo, Stabilo, and whatnot.

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I dont like to think back to what i used to listen too when I was alot younger. I was into pop and really mainstream in the early 90s. But I have been general rock since then. I have not changed much since i converted. I went into alot of classic rock and know I love all rock. I just got into Matthew Good about a few years ago and know Hes my favourite artist.

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Its funny, because just 10 years ago I thought rocking out meant sitting in the back yard listening to Joan Osborne... wondering what If god really was one us...

i loved that song and felt incredibly guilty for loving it.

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Let's see... growing up I always listened to what my parents did. In the early years that meant awesome classics like The Beatles, The Band, The Eagles (Hotel California will always be my favorite 70s song), Santana, CSNY, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, and so on. Later my parents got more into country, and I did too. I still really like Steve Earle, I think he's a great artist.


When I was maybe 12 or 13, my parents started listening to new agey stuff, Yanni, Enya, native flute music and the like. I couldn't really follow, those kinds of music really don't excite me at all. I do like Robbie Robertson a lot, however. He successfully incorporates First Nations culture into great, listenable music.


I followed the mainstream music for the most part, leaning towards rock. I think the first bands I took great interest in were MGB and Our Lady Peace. Radiohead was in there somewhere too. However I did listen to some crap as well...


I always used to agree with the popular opinion (just to fit in... I was young and stupid), which was "Techno sucks!!!". However, when I heard Canadian dance group Love Inc's "Broken Bones" on the radio, that all changed. I began taking much more interest in electronic music, evolving from the poppy dance stuff like Love Inc, Alice Deejay and Ian Van Dahl, to Darude, Groove Armada, Fatboy Slim, Daft Punk, ATB, Chicane, and Solarstone, then eventually BT, Tiesto and Hybrid. For downtempo stuff I mostly just knew Moby and Enigma, but later on Massive Attack.


When I met my first girlfriend, she got me into Led Zeppelin and U2, and a San Diego (her hometown) band called Pinback and opened my eyes to even more kinds of music... Bob Marley (though I knew of him before), Yann Tiersen, Eric Satie, A Perfect Circle, 311, Andrew Bird, Coldplay, Franz Ferdinand, Dave Brubeck, The Cure, Depeche Mode, The Doors, Steve Miller Band, Goo Goo Dolls, Smashing Pumpkins, and many more.


However she disliked electronic for a long time and thus I stopped listening to it as often. She did introduce me to Thievery Corporation, though. I also think part of my change in tastes was the state of electronic music. I grew tired of the same old shallow club tracks, desiring music with more depth and originality. There are some good artists out there, but they are not common. Massive Attack and Hybrid seem to be the best. I still listen to the good artists, but I no longer follow the scene, mainstream electronic music is dying in stagnation. Some of the newer acts out there like MSTRKRFT are adding some originality though.


Over the years I filled out my cd collection with the discographies of Matthew Good, Radiohead, and some of Our Lady Peace. A few years ago I began making a conscious effort to discover new music (and old classics), leading me to discover Spoon, DFA 1979, The Mars Volta, The White Stripes, Wintersleep, Constantines, and The Arcade Fire. I now also have the complete Led Zeppelin discography as well as the greatest hits of Pink Floyd. That pretty much just described the contents of my cd case, to which I've just added The Raconteurs and Wolfmother.


I enjoy many types of music, classical, world, jazz, country, chillout, house, trance, breaks, classics from the 50s to the 80s, 90s rock, indie, new prog rock, punk, and experimental. About the only genres I can't stand are pop (Britney, etc) and most hip-hop. My loves are indie and heavier rock (but not gothy angsty stuff), and a touch of electronic.


The only things I regret are Aqua, Mariah Carey and Nickelback.


That pretty much sums it up. Heh, sorry about the essay.

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