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Top Five Favourites

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yeah I'd have to say I liked the Dead Poets Society too ;)


/me stands up on table

"I did it sir"


but yes.


1. The Matrix

2. The Matrix: Revolutions

3. The Matrix Reloaded

4. LoTR: Fellowship

5. LoTR: Return of the King

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My top 5 are:


- Amelie

- The Godfather

- Barrio (it is a Spanish movie, about social issues: young people living in a big city - Madrid - and their everyday problems and live)

- El Bola (another Spanish movie, also about social issues: young mistreatment by their parents, also taking place in Madrid and the story of a boy, in a difficult family, who is mistreated by his father)

- Pulp Fiction

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Velvet Goldmine. I haven't seen that in forever. I need to re-watch it. I rememeber that Eddie Izzard was wonderful in it. Actually, the whole cast was wonderful. And, of course, all of the Oscar Wilde quotes...

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