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in no particualr odour:



Tha Leftover Crack

Tha Gym Class Heroes

Tha Dimmu Borgir

Tha Dresden Dolls

Tha Slipknot

Tha Bright Eyes

Tha Taking Back Sunday

Tha My Chemical Romance

Tha Steve Earle

Tha Marilyn Manson


i could go on for years.

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the smashing pumpkins

matthew good

matthew good band

no doubt




pearl jam

tom petty

bloc party

and umm...i can't think of any more right this second...THE PRESSURE OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD THE PRESSURE!

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This is super hard, and after the first couple, in no real order.


1. Matthew Good (Band)

2. Barenaked Ladies

3. Sonata Arctica

Don Henley

The Eagles

Goo Goo Dolls

In Flames


Rilo Kiley



Something like that anyway

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This is hard but I haven't made these lists in ages... No particular order:


Matthew Good (& Band)


The Shins

Smashing Pumpkins

Counting Crows


Death Cab For Cutie

PJ Harvey

K's Choice


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matthew good (band)

pearl jam




alice in chains

7 mary 3




the first person to not have any flaws

man its hilarious how you always beleive that your 100% right in everthing that has ever existed, why would you even post on that, if you like his choices, congratulations, who the fucks cares?

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