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Ravenous itchy

Star Wars: Empire At War

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Star Wars: Empire at War is a new RTS made by some of the same guys that worked with Westwood Studios in its beginning (making such games as Command & Conquer, Dune II, and Red Alert).


I am pretty sure this is the most enjoyable RTS I have ever played. Although I have barely scratched the surface in the two days I've been playing the game, I had to share it with anyone who hasn't heard of it yet. The campaign is really open-ended, you can pretty much do whatever you want, and take your time going through the story as you conquer the other planets in the galaxy and build up your fleets and armies. I have been playing on the 'easy' setting because I haven't had it long, but even on such low difficulty there are many interesting challenges.


The gameplay is way too complicated to try and explain, but if you like RTS games you should really check it out.




(btw, I don't work for lucasarts ;))

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I love the C&C Series....Tiberian Sun was my fav though. Didn't know that some guys from Westwood helped create Empire At War, gonna have to look into it now. Thanks.

Check out Petroglyph's (the developer) website, they have a list of games that members of their team have worked on, and its pretty cool.


I should try and find my C&C manual and compare the credits to EAW just to see how similar they are.

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Guest apsham

I was playing it on a friends laptop the other day, nothing special to me really. Maybe that's just because I suck ass at RTS games.

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