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Roll Up The Rim

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I think they should just do it this way:


The truck is worth $28,700...why not just sell the blasted truck and split the money in half and give it to the kids as a college fund that they can't access until they are IN College/University. Seems fair and simple to me. Both kids realized that THEY won the prize, and they both went to the teacher together and they both rolled up the rim together.

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damnit, there isn't a damn timmies around here! only 3 starbucks and 2 serious coffee places! BUT NOT TIMMIES! I'M NOT WALKING TO BLOODY HILLSIDE TO GET A BLOODY CUP OF COFFEE! THAT'S TOOO FAR TO WALK FOR A CUP OF COFFEE AND F?

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its true.



if i was the teacher i would have pulled a fast one on the kids saying "thats actually not a winner, its a bait trap to stop kids from going into garbages... its a health risk.... i'll let you off with a warning this time... dont make me tell your parents"







amnd then i would take the rav 4 and do massive burnouts and offroading till i broke it completely... because hey, its a free car.

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Which 'shit hole town' do you live in?

I ask because my family goes to Naramata each summer, it's also close to Penticton.






Kill me.

Haha, I was there for a month last summer. I feel sorry for you.

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