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Ottawa Show

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This is a sick joke right??

Can anyone find a contact number??


Holy crap its not (I called)! This is super BS!

Having to pick up tickets in person is a tradition that should have been done away with by now. Not everyone can skip work to go wait in line for tickets.. IF your going to do that.. it should be at least done on a weekend.


I'm very dissapointed now... esp after last Fall we couldn't buy tickets in Ottawa (I ended going to Kingston.. and waited in line for 4 hours to see the free show).


I'd be surprised if there wasn't a second show, but I imagine the logistics of getting tickets will be equally difficult.. ;)

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I hopped on the Otrain and went down to Carleton at 10 am, because according to Matt's site that's when they went on sale. Went early to Oliver's to pick up tickets, but it was still closed. So then I went up to the student federation and talked to some girl with her head so far up her ass I couldn't get any info. I left a message with someone who was supposed to call me about tickets. Of course, they never called.


So I got home, and double-checked the web to make sure that I didn't get my info crossed up. Seems as if the Carleton website advertised tickets going on sale at 12, so Matt's website was off. At this point its about 12:45, so I run my ass back to Carleton and grab a couple of the tickets still left (row O, mothafuckers). So, no it didn't sell out in 20 minutes, there were still tickets (not many) after an hour and a half.. I hope this means you didn't get screwed over.


Anyways, I told the guy at Oliver's my story and he gave me a # to call where someone might be able to hook me up with better seats. And for the record, Carleton is one depressing, ugly schoool ;)

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Well I was at work till 5 along with the 11 other people I know who were also planning on going... so if it sold out in a couple hours still would have been little use to me ;)


I miss being a student and having such a free schedule..

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