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it's alright.


they're on J records which is part of Sony-BMG which Epic is part of too...


i don't see the difference. is there a difference?




i liked their later stuff...except riot act. i didn't like that one too much.

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So now that they are gone from Epic they seem to be making good music again, what do you think of the new single World Wide Suicide...



"they seem to be making good music again?"


actually, they never really stopped making good music. just most people haven't really taken notice. haven't had an amazingly solid album since yield in my opinion, but no disrespect to binaural or riot act at all. but anyway, the new song's great. pretty much a re-vamped resurgence of their older stuff. more of a message behind it, though. hopefully, the new album will show that even though they've been low on the radar, they're still amazing talents, and a force to be reckoned with.

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I have heard 7 songs off the new disc and I think it is their best since yield. Mind you there are 6 more songs on that cd yet to hear but as a hardcore PJ fan they can't do any wrong. ;) Hurry up May 2nd!!


World Wide Suicide is best played LOUD!

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I hate the whole "they've done better attitude"


its like saying...sure weapon is good but matt did better with apparations...Thats not how you should analyze music, infact you shouldn't analyze it in the first place. Just enjoy it.


The new song kicks ass by the way and I can't wait for their new alblum.

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