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Well for all of you that are not beating the Arctic Monkeys thread dead, i tohugh i would change it up here.


for those of you in Toronto, this week the Edge is have its British Invasion Weekend, and it seems that we have a british invasion that happens every decade and never really has substance...


I mean there are a few good bands that are around now. Muse, Streophonics, The Arctic Monkeys (depending on you opinion:P) Franz Ferdinand... etc...


IMO the Invasion fo the 90's Oasis, Blur, Stone Roses (i know 89 but...), elastica, Pulp, Placebo was much better...


so is this a new invasion or just another over hyped media day?

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Placebo is about the only british band i love, btu there are a handful of more obscure artists, that most peepz wouldn't even know about.


Patrick Wolf, i'm looking in your direction.



PS~ I <3 Cradle of Filth and Anaal Nathrakh.

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it is a lot of hype... but that doesnt mean though that there isn't good music being put out. you can't compare this "invasion" to the last, or the one before that, since with the prior ones you have the advantage of being able to look back in retrospect.


"heyyyy blur had more good songs that aren't song 2??? wow"

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