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Tea Snob.

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I drink a lot of tea. Right now, I'm having some rooibos cinnamon apple. My current tea inventory is as follows:


black: hibiscus, twinings earl grey*, mambo, oolong.

green: apricot green*, tazo ginger green*.

rooibos: cinnamon apple*, earl grey, orange.

herbal: lemongrass, chamomile, peppermint.


Items with a * mean they are a staple and I have that type of tea in a massive quantity, like a pound. These are all loose teas, with the exception of the twinings and tazo, which are already in bags.


So... am I alone here in my excessive love of tea, and my variety of tea at that?

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Guest apsham

I never got tea or coffee myself actually. I've tried drinking it many ways on many different occassions and all it got me was a burned tounge.

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i love coffees and teas. right now, i have peppermint, green tea, lemon green tea, strawberry, orange pekoe, and french vanilla flavoured black tea. my very favourite tea of all is vanilla chamomile. i could live off of it. i usually have the french vanilla kind.

i will drink pretty much any kind of coffee, but i prefer desert sounding ones like caramel biscotti and french vanilla. i drink mine black. i also loooove the 'mudslide' cappuccino available at coffee lodges. sooo good, i can't even express it.

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