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First time I saw Mare, I wasn't hugely impressed, but I caught them a few other times, and they really got under my skin. I really dug the new song they played at the beginning of their set.



As for Polmo Polpo... I really dig the Science of Breath. As techno goes, that's my jam. But haven't heard his other stuff. He seemed to be really uncomfortable, though. Set up his merch booth, but left it alone for pretty much the entire night, then he started packing it up, real fast.


And yeah, Isis sounds much more immediate with their live show. They seemed to be more comfortable making some aspects of Panopticon more aggressive... At least it seemed that way.


Kinda bummed that Isis didn't have much in the way of tshirts kicking around. Comforted myself with picking up Silver by Jesu, and Celestial/Sgnl05 by Isis.

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