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Free Matt Good Ticket

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Im heading up to St. Catharines on March 31, 2006 for the Matt Good show at Issac's at Brock. I got two free tickets from a contact there and am giving the one ticket away. It was going to go with Concert Buddy Alana, but sadly she cant go, so its up for grabs.


Not much else to say. This is also posted on my blog and MSN.



The Conditions:


1. You must be from london, as Im driving up and am not going out of my way to pick someone up (might make an exception, if its reasonable)

2. You must be from london as I need to split on the gas with someone (no I am not cheap, I just need to be able to finance the London show too)

3. Whoever comes its a FREE ticket.

4. We split on the gas there and back, right down the middle. Thats the only cost (well other than your food and booze etc.)

5. I am driving up that night and coming back that night, unless we decided to get loaded and then we can crash at my sisters.

6. I do not have the tickets in my hand, they are with my sister in St. Catharines, so dont ask for the ticket cause I dont have them in my possession


Not much else to say.


Its that Simple.


Not sure if the show is sold out or not, but Im sure it will be cause of the cheap price and its at the Uni.


I know this might be random but its a free ticket, and I figure what the hell. Im not crazy like some people out there, its just an honest offer. Ive done this once before (or rather something very similar) and it turned out great. If you need a *reference* just ask.


Anyways offers can be made to [email protected] subject line MATT GOOD ST. KITTS






[email protected] (MSN and Email)


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