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God dammit...

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true... do you think as many people would go though? im sure not all the people who have a drink are jackasses. There are a selected few. Like what matt said in his interview yesterday.

Drinking is just an excuse for people to throw away their common sense.

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I went to a show that was just 19+ and pple acted pretty good, i was actually kinda surprised. I didn't drink when i went to the show but all the younger fans r all mad at the club shows only. This was my first club concert and i found it better than the all ages show, its more the 15 year olds that like to mosh to slower songs that ruined the all ages shows. but im sure matt won't ignore his under age fans don't worry hes doing another tour later this year

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speaking for an civilized 16 yr old... im not into moshing. ive moshed before and i suppose if the shoe fits... but i can't see any matt good fan moshing to a slow song. im talking serious matt good fan.

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I've been to concerts that were fine. But I've also gotten two bloody noses (and I wasn't even in the moshing area) but the people on the outside get crushed. The guys standing in front of my got hit and his head came back and hit my nose. No fun.

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mmm, beer....


Beer: The cause of, and solution to,

all of life's problems.

- Homer Simpson


Homer makes sense sometimes ;)


Now... take me drunk, i think im home.

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