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Jove Drucilla

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This is what Matt said:

"Drusilla was Caligula’s sister who he married and then killed. And of course Caligula, the Roman Emperor believed he was Zeus or Jove reincarnate. And just a comment on the fact that you allowed this madman to exist when you could have gotten rid of him a million times. But you don’t. Buy why? For fear? For the fact that you’re unsure of your own actions? You can’t save something by believing that those in charge know what they’re doing but you don’t because you’re ignorant to it. As long as we believe that nothing will ever change. Until people actually stand up and go “you know what, we might not be the most educated about this and you might say this is how it’s done, but who’s to say that that’s always has to be done.” Obviously, look at the way things are “done”, look where it’s gotten us. Time to re-think that."


I can't remember where i got this from, but i kept it for some strange reason. I don't know if i could trust the source (don't know if it's really a quote from Matt himself) but who knows...it still sounds good.

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