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It would be cool to here him (Matt) sing it but I go to a Matt Good show to here Matt Good sing Matt Good songs. I'd rather him take that song out and sing Life Beyond the Minimum safe Distance or another rare song.

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I would have to say:


1. Cash

2. NIN

3. Matt


I did enjoy Matt's version, and would probably choose to listen to Matt's version over the others, strictly because I am more of a Matt fan than anything else and I adore his voice. But you cannot deny that the NIN version and Johnny Cash's version are superior.


I downloaded the Matt version done live today, but I can't for the life of me remember where I downloaded it from. I was at work when I downloaded it. My brain was fried by that point.

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Cash's version is better, but only slightly. The original is still really fucking good, especially with that sweet ending.


And if we want to get technical, Matt is playing the Cash "crown of thorns" version, so technically it is a Cash cover...whatever.

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