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Matt's Equipment

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I'm interested if anyone knows the equipment brands (on his guitars, strings, etc.) that he used while recording the acoustic songs in "In a Coma." I've been trying to get his sound out of my guitar, but I never can seem to get it right! Any equipment info from his current tour is welcome too. Thanks!

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At the Edmonton show he primarily used the Taylor mentioned above. He had a Martin onstage that he didn't touch. For Fated and The Fine Art of Falling Apart (encores) he used a jumbo Guild that came from nowhere then switched by to the Taylor.


These are very pricey guitars in the $2000+ range.


If you can't get the sound you're after it's probably because the guitar you're playing isn't as expensive.


When it comes to acoustic instruments the quality of the wood and construction effects the sound.


One can't make a $400 guitar sound like a $2000 or everybody would them.

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Wow even if it isn't the Bored's favourite cover artist Jeremy "the fucking clown" Wilson.

talk ablout a clown, is noise pollution your name because that's what your guitar playing abilities sound like? cause they fucking hurt my ears. Nevertheless, I completely agree with your statement, as that is what I'm known as. (if you be nice I'll re-rerecord silence for you)

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