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To Fight Or Not To Fight

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yesterday after work i decided i wanted to watch the hockey game at a local bar. i usually just watch at home with buddies or whatever, but i felt like having a few drinks, and at this particular bar, when the canucks score, pints are $1. last night the canucks scored 7 goals. plus i had 3 pints of guiness before that. thats 10 beers. usually 5 or 6 gets me drunk. 10, depending on the day, and i usually have to take a time-out or i puke. anyways, the new girl came with me. we were sitting there and she looks over and says "oh my god" then nothing. i say "huh?" and she says "ok, a couple years ago i was with a couple friends over at this guy's house because she wanted to get with him, and it was like 4am. i fell asleep on the couch and i woke up to that guy over there feeling me up... i told him to stop but he kept trying to cuddle up next to me til i told my friend and she got me out of there.... but i'm not 100% sure its him"


wasn't a big deal to me, kind of pissed me off that a guy like that got away with someone like that, but whatev.. the past is the past and most guys are losers.


about 30 minutes go by and i'm atthe bar collecting my $1 beer. the guy is standing RIGHT in front of me and his jacket says "unbreakable" right away im thinking i should just fucking work this guy 1. because hes a creeper 2. because anyone who blatantly calls themself unbreakable should get broken on principle alone and 3. because i used to play hockey with this guy like 6 years ago and we DID NOT get along.


i go back to the table and i say "do you remember the guy's name?" and she says "yeah its....." and then draws a blank. i say "leighton?" and she says "YEAH, leighton scott". its the guy.


i tell her my story about him and now shes adament that i kick his ass.


i'm already a little drunk, which is bad because im probably more likely to fight (liquid courage, right?) and i think when i drink i get a bit stronger.


then i think about if i did start a fight with him, what would the consequenses be? would i get charged with assault (or maybe something more serious) and would i get convicted? would onlookers take my side or his side? what if i underestimate him and he kicks MY ass? would my clothes get ruined (im wearing $210 pants at the time)... i decide that 1. im not drunk enough 2. i really dont care enough (if she was my fiance or full time girlfriend or it happened recently i would probably go for it no questions asked) 3. does he even remember?


i dont end up doing anything about it. she gets mad and get this.... today shes all pissy walking around the office because of the whole situation.


anyways, that was totally fucking long winded and i apologize because probably only adam will read the whole thing... but anyways... commentary? what would YOU have done? etc.

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haha adam ;)


i read it.


I don't think i would have. A) the pants, maybe if i were you i wouldn't care, but if i've got like a $40 shirts on, i'm usually more careful.


B) someone with a jacket on that says 'unbreakable' should be beaten down at the slightest provacation.


C) You never know how a crowd will react. it can go either way. If i were you though, and set on fighting, i would have been like "FUCK YOU THE CANUCKS SUCK YOU PEICE OF SHIT!" and just torn into him. I think the bar might have been behind you.



In short, i don't think it was really worth it, and i think your BFF is taking it badly. My guess is that she just wanted to see how dedicated you were to her, but she went about it in the wrong way.

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well i'm not one to promote violence...


but what he did was douchey.

it all depends on how much of a fight it would be.

one punch and you would have been fine. the chance you'd get charged is very very unlikely, and if you did you're wealthy and could get a good lawyer.


but if i were you i would have just said some bitchy comment to me.

but i'm a girl, so...

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If you even thought about fighting him i would have scoped out the scene first. Is he with some friends? if so, how many? These days, you never know cuz you could get gang-beaten to shit.


In your situation, i would have at least confronted the guy. Ask him if he thought it was cool to sexually assualt that girl, and ask him why you shouldn't call the police right now & have him charged with assault. If things escalated into a fight from there, then i guess you'd be in a fight.


But hey, sometimes its just better to get even instead of mad. Go find out his mom's phone#, and call her and tell her that her son sexually molested your girlfriend. Im sure that loser would dislike that more than a black eye.

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the fact that this thread got revived because you decided to comment on my pants... and i'm wearing those pants for the first time since the original post is quite ironic.


as far as the cost of the pants goes... i am very particular when it comes to my appearance and it just so happens, the only pants i can ever find that feel/look and fit the way i like them to cost more than the average pants... its something i've been dealing with for years.

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Steps to finding a 'good pair of pants' for a real man.


Step 1: Put them on.

Step 2: Do they cover your penis? If yes, they are a winner. If no, try again.

I, gentlemen, am happy to report, that i am not a real man. I, well, I am one of those fake men you've been hearing about so much recently. The kind that like to do more than cover their penis, because, the way i see it, penis' were not made to be covered, so why waste the time stopping there?

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Steps to finding a 'good pair of pants' for a real man.

Step 1: Take the pants your girlfriend bought you

Step 2: If no girlfriend... your mom.

Step 3: If your mom won't buy you pants, well, you don't deserve then

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