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Hey. First post here!


Im a big fan of Matts' from Scotland. Has anyone got any info if he will be touring europe or coming to the uk in the near future. The last time he was in London,UK was back when avalanche was released and i just found out about it at the last minute so never got tickets. Any info would be great.




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He said in a podcast that he would like to play overseas but its a hassle to set up and there are legal issues. He isnt going there this tour but you can always hope he goes when he releases his next album, probly some time next year but I wouldnt get my hopes up.

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I've spoken to Matt about this a couple of times. He said that while he'd love to do it, it's all down to record companies and things, and since he's not on a label over here, it's unlikely to happen. If I remember correctly as a Canadian act you have to get some recognition in the US before the UK will even consider you. I think he mentioned trying to do something direct but it was too much hassle.


So I wouldn't get your hopes up - save your money up and take a trip to Canada - it's well worth it!

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