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Most Underrated MG(B) Song

What is the most *underrated* Matthew Good (Band) Song?  

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  1. 1. What is the most *underrated* Matthew Good (Band) Song?

    • A Long Way Down
    • Bright End Of Nowhere
    • Failing The Rorschach Test
    • Fearless
    • Going All The Way
    • I, The Throw Away
    • In A World Called Catastrophe
    • Invasion 1
    • Let's Get It On
    • Lullaby For The New World Order
    • Middle Class Gangsters
    • Pledge Of Allegiance
    • The Fall Of Man
    • The Inescapable Us
    • The War Is Over
    • Vermilion

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Demos or rarities will not be included at this time. The History Teacher set will also be excluded because...well there's just too much to choose from.


Obviously, this will be impossible to please most of you but feel free to spill out what you think is underrated that isn't listed and I'll give you my reasoning.


I define "underrated" as songs that people enjoy but aren't mentioned nearly enough as they should be for their highlights or favourites. That's why a track like Song For The Girl isn't included.



And no, sorry, I really don't consider any songs off White Light to be underrated.

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Inescapeable Us forsure, that song really got me into matt good. I bought underdogs when apparitions came out and when I heard that song...well, pretty much fell in love.


"kill what I came to keep alive"


probaly one of matts greatest most un-reconized lyrics.



I also think the house of smoke and mirrors doesn't get as much attention as I think it would...I dunno maybe it's just me.

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I would also say I Miss New Wave, but I don't know how "underrated" it is and it isn't on your list.


Sure, I suppose I Miss New Wave could be in consideration but I've found most users here state that it's a consistently strong song.


I also think the house of smoke and mirrors doesn't get as much attention as I think it would...I dunno maybe it's just me.[/qoute]


I disagree, House Of Smoke & Mirrors is a highly regarded song, often considered the best track on the cd by many besides Avalanche and Rabbits, me thinks.

Why isn't the fine art of falling apart on this list?


No way, this is a fan favourite and is one of "the core" songs off Loser Anthems with Flight Recorder... and ...Safe Distance.


Oh wow, HTML fails again. Yeah, you people can still read through that mess.

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For me it was a toss-up between Fall of Man, Inescapable Us, and I, The Throw Away. I went with Inescapable Us because I've always loved that song. I never understood why so many people dislike I, The Throw Away. An excellent song in my books.

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