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Run Lola Run

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it's one of my top 10 favorites. if you liked it, check out a movie called The Princess and the Warrior. Franke Potente (Lola) is in it, and its the same director, just a bill mellower.


i love that every time she goes through it, the fates of the people she interacts with change. it's quite a brilliant look at fatalism.

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It's a great film... though now its methods have become so much a part of grammar of film it's hard to see it as original as it truly was.

Well put.


Never seen the movie while sober, but it's a fantastic movie nonetheless. But I would say that it has been so deeply appropriated now that it's difficult to see the gem it was when it first came out.


Then I think about Aronofsky's stuff, and find myself still jarred by his work, and it's just incredible. I'm not sure if his stuff CAN be appropriated. But I'm something of a Pi fanatic. Requium I only needed to see once and it was etched into my skull.

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