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Pack My Bags And Ride My Horse

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until i want to come back.



here's the deal...


on the canary islands, there are no income taxes and the leniency for successful businesses are way better. last year i paid almost $65,000 in taxes and whatnot. plus the office space i lease is almost $10,000 a month... the cost of doing business here is getting to the point where i can no longer do it on my own because i need more volume/clients to grow, i'm doing great as it is, but the point is to grow, not plateau... which means i have to hire people and pay them some serious coin and the money that is brought in by people that arent ME compared to what i have to pay out is hardly worth it. i have two CFAs working in my office right now who are both doing it for peanuts because they love it and make tons off residuals from past clients... however hiring someone new means they have no clients and need to make a lot of cake or they'll go to the dark side. so the question is, do i relocate to canary islands and continue to serve my clients from vancouver (which is doable) and also tap a HUGE market where most people are millionaires (80% of the canary islands are super rich folks from great britain)

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