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This is one of the best books I've ever read.


Prozac Nation - Elizabeth Wurtzel


If fakeness is the reason why fiction books bore me to tears, than honesty is why I love this book. This book is honest in a way that couldn't be fabricated.

The author offers a personal portrayal of her struggle with depression - mainly during her first year at Harvard - but also her during her childhood leading up to that point. Her story took place through the seventies and eighties, before depression became trendy and later mocked.

Much of the book reads like a journal, random self analysis, rants, and philosophizing.She ponders endlessly about this new thing called "depression" and tries to make sense about how it relates to her time in her culture.

What I particularily love is that she doesn't waste time with unimportant details, yet she gives every ounce of detail pertaining to what is relevant. She comes off as being a whiny spoiled bitch- after all ,her life was alright enough to get to Harvard- but she makes absolutely no apologies for it(and says so herself).

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I bought Prozac Nation, read half of it then watched the movie - I haven't finished it yet. Then I picked up Elizabeth's "More, Now, Again" and found it to be more interesting. Someday I'll finish Prozac Nation, someday.

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I rented the movie yesterday, only becuase I read the book, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered. It's trash, but you do get to see Christina Ricci's tits.

Christina Ricci's tits eh? I'll rent the movie just for that but the book does sound interesting. Probly would be a good edition to my growing library.

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