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Single Line Of An Mg Song That Just Stands Out

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Alright, everyone has their favorite songs, favorite albums, favorite videos etc etc, but what about favorite single lines, lines that just stand out to you?


Mine would have to be "down came your blackbird to suffer in my arms."


I just hear this line and have a vision of a little girl holding a bird trying to nurse it back to health and it makes my heart tingle.

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all of the above are gooders, here are my two favourites


"Hoping is out of style so look happy it's the end of the world"


"Even at the end of the hallway, I still feel so far away"

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I need to add the following:


"better now than never, better loud than clever

better just to play the fool

it's times like this

when you just close your eyes and kiss

cause everything after this

is just bullshit and being cruel"


I know it's a verse, and I love that whole song. But the three seperate lines within that verse may be my three all time favorite matt lines. As well as "she is gold and nothing less, she is fearless"

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And, yet, your signature would lead us in a different direction.

too obvious a choice to put in this forum.


of course that's one of my favorite lines. there are too many. i could to this all night. "it's okay to be my disappointment, baby" is another favorite.

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"someone around the world would love to have my first world problems"


"ain't got no action grip and I don't come with a full complement of weapons"....

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so many to choose


"like a burning sky dropped to the ocean

a bitter pill, is it better still"


"Whatever keeps claim to us being civilized"


"can you supersize ambition? Does that make you ambitious if you supersize ambition?"


"The darkest side of the biggest God damn ride"


Those are just a few

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Guest apsham

Umm let me see, there's quite a few of course:


"Venus was a flytrap, the man you loved devoured"

"If God, he gave you a voice, then use it"

"It's no use, we have no excuse for turning fear into laughter"

"When you are alone in your room you can think of me and I will think of you and somehow... we will all be remembered"

"A contradicting fool, a trick he learned in high school"

"My filthy mouth, well it makes my mom proud"


Ahh, so many.

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