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Single Line Of An Mg Song That Just Stands Out

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"Don't fail me now, don't you even fuckin' think it"

"Damn, I'll bring them to their knees" - Truffle Pigs


That whole song in general, the amount of intense sincerity in his voice, just...it's so heartfelt. Blows my mind.


"When you blow out like a dead star,

It reminds me how uniform your beautiful is

We carry on like it's easy

Like you're all out

and I'm your man

Baby, I'm your man" - Giant


There is just something so anti-cheesy, yet deeply romantic about those lines. for some reason, everytime I hear him sing it, I get this extremely cheesy image of him just, shouting it off a cliff, for everyone to hear.

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"when we were liars things were seamless"


"this ain't real baby, i've got a better excuse for myself"


and every word of prime time deliverance... what a good song



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"and if the devil was a poet, I doubt that he would know it

and I doubt that he could win your heart with simple words of flame

like love is just a meaning of someone else's dreaming

and Heather's like Sunday" From Heather's Like Sunday is breath taking.

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Any other band, I could probably choose me, but Matthew Good has tooooooooo many.


But I will say the two verses of the future is X-Rated contain some of my favs.


"With all the other good little butcher boys............a plagarist of course"


"Theres holes up in the sky" "No ones seen your son in days"


"Now Christmas is for shopping and the shopping God is everything"


"Cause powers just another one of those things, it's pointless if you ain't gonna use it" ;)

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well, being an EMO kid...


(to clarify, i mean one that DOESN'T cut himself. let's get that clear)


there's sooooooo many... most of them have been taken, but yeah



'You can see-eeee-eeee right through me'


'I will always be the worst' (and from the same song) 'I was never cool, so you can call me a loser'


'Head light morning glow' (i love the In A Coma acoustic version <3)


'I'm tired of walking around here with my hand on my gun'


ug. i'm sure i'll be back on this thread with many more...

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Is very hard to pick, but these lines are from the first MG song I ever heard, they just caughtand held my attention. Probably still my favorite:


when you blow out like a dead star,

it reminds me how uniform your beautiful is.

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