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Beautiful Midnight Poll

What is the best song off Beautiful Midnight?  

130 members have voted

  1. 1. What is the best song off Beautiful Midnight?

    • Giant
    • I Miss New Wave
    • Load Me Up
    • Surburbia
    • Failing The Rorscharch Test
    • Born To Kill
    • Running For Home

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A Boy and his Machine GUN! Or Let's Get it ON! GEEEEZ!


Okay, Okay, fine. I won't vote for those ones. Screaw you!


I'll vote...*scrolls up* Born to Kill cuz I'm listening to it right this second.

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In my opinion, Beautiful Midnight is the best piece of work Matt has ever released. "Every" song is amazing..1-14. For me, it's a hard choice between I Miss New Wave, Suburbia, Failing the Rorscharch Test, and Running for Home.

Matthew Good released Beautiful Midnight? I was under the impression it was the Matthew Good Band...

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RFH for me.


Man, you people can't spell (not everyone, but yeah) its Suburbia not Surburbia, it's phonetic.


Yeah, Suburbia is great. But, I don't think it's the best. Great lyrics and it's really moving but I still don't understand why everyone goes ape over it.

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today my fave song on the cd is Failing The Rorscharch Test. Its sweet, when you are playing "GOOD" music loud with the windows down so everyone can hear it. I think I listened to the song like 5 times in probably a 30 minute ride home from work. Some people seemed pissed at "some young, might I add amazingly hansome man" listening to music above 1 db.

I would say that overall the best is Born To Kill.

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Where the hell is the rest of the songs?


I vote "The Future is X-Rated" and then "A Boy an His Machine Gun" Not on the poll but those are my choices.


But seriously though, next time include all the songs off the album, or just call the poll "random songs I like, that I wanna know if you like too" ;) Sry, all in good fun.

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My sentimental favorite is "Stange Days" since it's the first one I ever heard, but "The Future is X-Rated" might be my favorite overall song off it. Rorsharch is close though.

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Suburbia just has this weird feel to it. I like it, but it's not my favourite anymore, just because...I dunno. But yeah. When I first got into Matthew Good Band, that's the song that I would listen to all the time.


But now that I'm older, I have to say what I picked is the best---"A Boy and his Machine Gun" and "Born to Kill"

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