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Guest Prosis

I just got back fromt he Montreal show. It was really great. Matt was in a flipping mood, talking about making a sex tape and a show like Paris Hilton and Nicole Ritchie and making loads of money. He talked about how So Long Mrs.Smith came about. Melissa has an incredible voice and she and her fiance (so she said unless it was sarcasm but being unfamiliar to her charater...) played on two songs together, one of her own and Hurt with MG. He (her fiancee) looked like a monkey with a ukulele.


I wrote the setlist down (if you were there, that dork writing the songs down with a small pencil on a 2 square inch piece of paper at the beginning of every song, that was me!).




Generation X-Wing

In a World Called Catastrophe


She's In It For The Money

Sort of a Protest Song

Can't Get Shot In the Back If You Don't Run


Prime Time Deliverance

Strange Days

So Long Mrs.Smith

Load Me Up





The Fine Art of Falling Apart

Alert Status Red

The Boy Come Home

It's Been a While Since I Was Your Man


Highlights: Fated and Matt was funny all along the show

Lowlights ( ;) ): No Indestructible, small crappy venue...


Off to dodo now!

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You forgot to mention the song Matt made up during the gig!!! About the sex tape to be famous! :angry:


It went something like this...


"Sex tape

Sex tapes are awesome you can get famous

People can listen to them on their portable audio devices

And now that they have Ipods that have video

They can play them on them too"


Great new song!!! :angry:




I've got some pics up there and asap I'll put something else on there too... :angry:


I saw tons of people taking pics! I had to stop... The stupid barmaid came to tell me "I could get kicked out for pics"... ;) I'd love to see other people's pics!

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Guest Prosis

Yeah it was midnight and I was tired so I forgot quite a lot of details I wanted to mention. Like the night vision goggles he wanted to shoot the tape with ;)

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I also recorded it ;) I'm curious to see which sounds better... :angry:


Mine was a bit ruined by a couple of semi-goth kids that kept talking!!! :angry: But apart from that occasional distraction it sounds alright... :angry:

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The show last night was amazing. Matt Good was in top form, hitting all the long, high notes we love him for (last fall he barely could because he had taken ill a few days before the show). The set list was great (thanks Prosis for writing it down) and I was very pleased that he played for so long - almost 2 hours, and that it was a bit early from the posted time: Melissa went on at 20h19 instead of 20h30 and Matt started at about 21h10. Usually concerts are always late...


Overall, it was well worth being first in line for this one! I can't wait to hear the bootlegs.


Hey Rebelle - I guess you were standing right near me, because those Goth kids were right behind me. Thankfully I could not really hear them (maybe it's because I'm tall), but my friend (much shorter)standing next to me complained all night that they wouldn't shut up! Why bother paying $26.10 plus delivery for a ticket if you're going to talk all night long?!?

As well, the opening act is McClelland, not McVelland - the poster at Cafe Campus had her name spelled wrong!

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I was there too! Such an amazing show. Matt really was in top form. I was singing along for most of the show but there were a lot of moments where I just stood silent in awe as he hit those high notes. He sang so passionately and really seemed to be enjoying himself. His stories were really funny, and he was really interactive through the whole show. And an amazing setlist. I was so happy we got Fated and PTD especially. Plus we got the sex tape song which is clearly going to be his next big hit.


My friends and I were front and centre, right up against the stage. I was the one who had a little mid-concert conversation with him about the Kingston show ;)


Melissa was really great. I loved the song "Glimpse Into Hell," (the one about the church/strip club) it had some really great kind of off-beat guitar work. She was so cute, she kept smiling down at my friends and I. At the start of her set she asked if we could see up her skirt! :angry: I love the way she introduced her fianc

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wow, that was quick! Downloading now! ;) Thanks!




Edit: listening now, and this sounds great! Aside from the occasional person talking, it's great! Thanks so much! :angry:

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;) Blanchie, Sex Tape song is just too cute. But it would be sad if that's what made him get more recognition!!! :angry: :angry: :angry:


And you're welcome all!

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Wow, that show was good. He was so funny in between songs, too... but the setlist was just amazing. I'm downloading the bootleg now. Rock it.


I thought it was funny that he mentioned the last MGB show ever because I realized I was there. Sweet.

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