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Enjoy The Silence

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Me and my girlfriend have an ongoing war...I hate the depeche mode version and she hates matt's version. Whenever either of us plays it, we're always trying to change the track or turn it off.

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It's funny but when the guys said we were doin' a DM cover of Enjoy...I'd never heard it and they wouldn't let me listen to it.I just went in with my best Killing Joke impersonation and I guess it werked!!!Never liked DM or Killing Joke, but,hey...Primus wouldn't have werked now would it?

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There were a few songs that my old band covered that I essentially just made up as I went along because I didn't feel like listening to the song and learning it.


That being said, Weezer's "Hash Pipe" isn't exactly a difficult song to make up a bassline to ;)

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I'm a pro,eh. ;)

Chord progessions aren't hard ta' follow if ya know yer shit.There weren't any charts or tab or that B.S. Dave just said it was in ,like, Em or sumthin' and we played the song.

Learn chord theory people...it's kinda worth it.


"I don't need no theory, I play from the heart!!!"

O.K. then yer gonna suck with alot of heart. You can learn by ear but if you don't know WHY yer playin' WHAT yer playin' then yer done.Cover band.

Don't get me wrong, thousands of people have made careers out of "ear playin'" but if you're a side man like me...trust me it helps to know at least basic theory.You'll thank me when the singer say's "It goes like this[hits Em chord] this, this an' THIS!!!"


Here endith the lesson.Feel free to let me know if I'm wrong.



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I'd agree with you there for sure.


When I first started playing bass, I did 2 lessons of basic theory then just jumped into learning some songs, and I'm kicking myself for it now. If I actually learned some more theory, I'd definitely be a better bassist then I am at the moment.


I think it's time to pick up "Bass Playing for Dummies" ;)

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And when yer done with the "dummies" book pick up a guitar and learn some chords. Not "power" chords REAL chords. Like my fave E7#9 It's an E7 triad with a #9[which BTW is a m3rd]So theres a M3 in the bass and a m3rd on top. Cool huh?Foxy Lady!!!That's the chord.

Oh,and on bass try an AM scale in 6th's up and down.Good fer string crossing.


Shit maybe I'll start teachin' again.

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Wrong wrong wrong wrong fucking WRONG.

No bass no groove. No groove no song. No song no point.

Sometimes I think you guys don't give a rats ass about music.

It seems to be all about snide comments, ridicule and sarcasam. Hmmm...Maybe I'm just gettin' old.

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Sorry man I didn't mean ta' get all weird but when you've played MUSIC fer 25 years ya get a lil' strange about it.Night after bloody fingered night learnin' the craft.No internet, no TABS no nuthin' but the need to play.

I have the same love fer music that I have fer my wife.But if I had to choose...BANG!!!Done.Couldn't give either up.



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