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So I asked this guy what he did for a living and this is what he said, no joke.


Well, in my line of work i am usually the one telling people off for double posting. In my line of work i play mmorpgs, that's a great aspect to my line of work, the worst aspect is impolite people (i'm not aiming that at you mate, in honesty) and some would say it's not really a "proper" job but then, i also work in an off lisence and write poetry. I'm yet to be published but it's on the cards and i'm working on a short story too. If you don't know me by now, then you likely don't know me at all. If you do know me, we can continue this convo in PM :angry: because even if you have met me elsewhere on the internet (which is highly likely if you play alot of games) I'll only deny it even if you guess right ;) heheh. I like to be anon sometimes, fame is sometimes an affliction lol.
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