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Categorising Matthew Good Songs

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Hmmm, rather than classify them by emotion, I'd probably do something more like


Commentary (Can't Get Shot, 21st Century Living, North American for Life)

Introspective (Sort of a Protest Song, Jenni's Song, Tripoli)

Story (Joe's in Trouble, Mercy Misses You)


Hmm...actually, looking at those, there's a lot of overlap, crossover, and potnential controversy. SO I don't really know how to classify Matty.

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I think this is really dumb post. Sorry.... but if we had a graveyard on here, it shoule be graveyarded.


Crusader - Make a graveyard where the mods can toss out garbage like this. Same with the post I made about cant get show and dusk, didnt realize they were in the NF store. If they were, I wouldnt have asked for an upload of em. Dont mean to try and fuck the system

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