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Will There Be Another Election Soon?

Will there be another election soon?  

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  1. 1. Will there be another election soon?

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Harper willing to go to the polls over child-care allowance

Last Updated Tue, 18 Apr 2006 20:08:20 EDT

CBC News


Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he's willing to risk bringing down his minority government if opposition legislators vote against his plan to give money to parents for child care.


Speaking Tuesday at a community centre in Burnaby, B.C., Harper said he will follow through on his election pledge to give parents $1,200 a year per child under age 6

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I think that this could bring the government down because their solution isn't all that popular with the other parties. None of them can really support it unless they go against what they promised.

It could bring about another election, but i doubt the Conservatives would lose, when they're polling at around 39%, last I heard. The Liberals were at 29%.

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Despite the fact Bill is the defacto leader of the Liberals, they are leaderless. The party is demoralized and in no shape to run a federal election. It will be another year of Conservative rule at least.

That is what I am thinking. I don't think the Liberals are ready for another election.


And even if one was called, I can't see much changing, so I am not sure if the Liberals could gain anything by having one.

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I think that this could actually work in their favour because their candidates could run more of a grassroots campaign, while there is still a leader to run a national campaign. I doubt they could win a majority majority, but they could win a minority majority.

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It is political suicide to run an election with a leader that doesn't want to be prime minister. As interm leader Bill Graham isn't allowed to run in the Liberal leadership race.


The Liberal party needs to regroup. They need to decide a new platform and write new policy. They won't force an election until all that has happened. It will take time.


No party in Canada will force an election in a minority government unless they think they can make considerable gains.


For the record, there is no such thing as a minority majority. It's either one or the other.

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Yeah, I agree there is a vision. The party is not in as bad of shape as some believe. But I still don't think they could gain any ground on the Tories. Even if they were ready to campaign and rightfully capable I don't think they would be able to alter public perception at this point in time.

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