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Matt Good And Radiohead

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It seems like theres alot of radiohead fans on this site which is pretty cool seeing how im a big fan myself.

But I'm just wondering what songs would sound really good if they were preformed by each other


so say for instance...

Radiohead doing fated

or Matt doing paranoid android


what songs do you think would sound good done by the other?

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Street Spirit wouldn't sound good, it's basically one riff the whole time, really, really fast.



Anyway, I still think that Street Spirit would sound GOOD by Matthew GOOD cuz he's fricken' AWESOME!








ps. I'm just pulling your leg.

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A Radiohead cover of Avalanche would sound bloody awesome, I think anyhow. Also, Advertising on Police Cars might sound cool.


As for Mattgood doing Radiohead, Exit Music and Talk Show Host would sound pretty sweet.


This a very cool thought... Wish I could hear them in real life!

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i enjoy both band radiohead is a very well recognized band but i like matthew good more due to many reasons. it would be very cool but i dont want that to happen. i think it would give a false or sour feeling to matthews music it almost be a sell out and i think thom yorke would butcher matthews vocal abilities, yorke can not sing as good as matt. yorke's vocals are designed to sound like an instrument so over all it would be cool but i dont want them to exchange songs.

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Guest jsunC

Yeh im not too big a fan of radiohead, but theyre alright,

however i think radiohead would do an amazing cover of Rat who would be King (think someone mentioned that)

I'd love to hear matt cover subterranean homesick alien

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