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Only a month till the preseason starts...

Anyone besides me getting excited yet?


I doubt many here follow Riders news, but I'll blab anyways. It is really disappointing for us to have lost Holmes, but I am relieved to say bye to Greene.

Im interested to see how Joseph plays this season, I'm not really going to judge him on Ottawa's performance, because I think change will be good when it comes to our QBs.

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I only caught one Winnipeg Blue Bomber home game last season (50 yard line 2nd row) when they played against the BC Lions. Milt Stegal recorded 4 touchdowns on 4 catches, we smacked the smile off BCs face that game.


I can't wait until this season, Winnipeg plays host to the Grey Cup. If the Bombers perform well in the east I might check it out.

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I am really looking forward to the Riders season this year. A completely different looking team. We finally have receivers and someone to throw to them.


Joseph will be all right I think. He had a terrible O line in Ottawa and did pretty well. Sask's O line is much better so you should do deadly.


I want to see how McCallum will do in BC. All you Lion fans need to get your buckets of manure ready for the playoffs. ;)

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I don't pay attention to the CFL, however Ottawa might have a new buyer and he might change the name to the "Steelbacks."

rreally? the steelbacks??? sounds like a freaking gorilla. but anyways. GO RIDERS!!! BLEED GREEN!!!

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I find it hard to get excited about this league. The teams have no identity because their players are shuffled around endlessly. Many of CFLers have played on nearly every team. How much team pride would Mats Sundin have if he played on the Leafs, Sens, Canadiens, and Canucks all in a 10 year span? And at the same time, Jerome Iginla moved from the Flames, to the Oilers, to the Wings. it's ridiculous


The players are only there because they either a) aren't good enough for the NFL, or b) are trying to raise their profile to get to the NFL.


it's just like watching an AHL game - a good product, but second rate. ( not to knock the AHL). nobody really gives a shit about the grey cup.


Also, the commentary plays a huge role. If you've ever watched an NHL game broadcast in America, you'd understand why nobody gives a shit about hockey there. They're boring as hell.The same goes for the CFL. I can't stand Pat Tabler, ( the blue jays color man), so I just don't watch just for that reason.


There's no hype. The Argos played the Ti-cats for their first two preseason games, and are scheduled to play them for their opener. What a joke.

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