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Some Random Sayings Of Mine

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that people I know have latched on and used as quotes



they are



"life is too short to be sane all the time"




"why reach for the stars when the moon is so much closer"



does anyone else have some personal quotes they would like to share?

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Oh my god there are thousands of delightful one-liners.


They don't all have to be for comic purposes - but they're the one's I remember.


To qualify (assuming they don't have to be original because they won't be) Groucho Marx addressing the host upon leaving a function " I've had a great time. - But this wasn't it!"


Genius!!I've used it many times. Though not to events I've hoped to revisit.

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Do you mean you used Groucho as the subject of an essay or that fate conspired and he was visiting your house subsequently offering to be a coffee-table whilst you knocked out some prose on his back? Please tell me it's the latter.


You shouldn't expect a lot of guidance from forums but this is a refinement that means a lot to me.

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Guest jsunC

"Your just not terribly important to me" -american psycho

"I dont know how to put this but, Im kind of a big deal" -anchorman

"I immediately regret this decision"

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