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Jesus Christ : Vampier Hunter

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About two years ago, I came across this indy film titled Jesus Christ: Vampier Hunter. Get this, in the new millenium, vampiers no longer fear the sun... but they have come to fear the SON OF GOD.


It's a decent little student film. Jesus, a mexican wrestler side-kick and cheap gore... what more do you need?


Check it out...

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cant say i have seen it, but i have heard of it. i will look for it in the walmart bargan bin... wait, i dont think i will find jusus christ: vampier hunter at walmart. ;)

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I own this movie, it toally kicks ass!


Especially the theme song ;) It's all good, it's all right, everybody gets laid tonight! :angry:.


Strangly none of my friends will even consider watching it with me, something about me having pretty shitty taste in movies sometimes.

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The dvd is fun... have you found any of the easter eggs? Like on one of the menu scenes you can highlight the guy with the creepy eye's eye... and it shows you a random little clip.


AnnNnnD have you ever found any of their other movies... like the hairy knuckles?

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my favourite is when he fights the atheists and there are like 80 of them that keep piling out of a small jeep

I love how they're athiests but able to identify someone they don't believe existed when they see him.

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