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Other Bands That Dont Suck

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Hey. I know there hasn't been a whole lot of good music to come out lately but check out this band. They're called The Longshadows. The singer is Robin Wilson from the Gin Blossoms and the guitarist is Steve French. The CD is amazing and you can listen to songs from it at their myspace page and at their website, www.thelongshadows.com It doesn't sound like anything else out there.


Also. check out Brian Byrnes new cd, Tuesdays Thursdays & If It Rains. It is definately not I Mother Earth but is amazing in another way. The songs are all good and we should definately support this guy, especially since he's Canadian and a good guy too


The only thing I listen to more than Matt Good is a band out of Tempe called The Black Moods. Check out their myspace page as well as their website www.theblackmoods.com

They sound like Zepplin meets the Hip. Anyone wants a copy of one of their live shows let me know.

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Brian Byrne's solo CD is alright. If you like The Gin Blossoms you should check out Northey Valenzuela, one of the two singers on the album is Jesse Valenzuela from them, plus Craig Northey formerlly of the Odds is the other singer.

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