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Bitmap To Jpeg

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ok so i was doing the avatar rating thing, and i mentioned i think that i oculdnt change it, i ound out, because its all stupid bitmap, does anyone know to to convert it!?!?! i got some sweet pics, but they are all bitmap. please help

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Depends on the program you're using. You can get batch converters, but most image applications should be able to save as .jpg/.jpeg. Photoshop? Generally, re-save the image (paint, photoshop, whatever) and at the bottom of the Save dialog box, below filename, it should let you choose a file format.

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ya so i got it converted, and want to add the pic as my new avatar. It is 100x100 so its small, and its appropriate, and when i click remove avatar, it works, but as soon as i find this new one, and then click update avatar, it doesnt work! please help!

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