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I can't wait for this movie to come out.



Borat Sagdiyev is sent from his village in Kazakhstan to make a documentary about America. He leaves his mother, wife, cousin Vilo and the village rapist to travel to America with his producer.

Late night on cable TV whilst in an American hotel room he discovers Baywatch and in particular the character CJ played by Pamela Anderson.

Borat falls in love and then travels across America from Washington DC, through the south and then finally to California where he hopes to meet her.





From what I hear it's basically just gag after gag like the show. Fine by me. That guy cracks me up.

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Yah, they were pissed off because at the Music Awards for either Europe or Britain Sasha Baron Cohen hosted, and at one point as Borat, he had the fake president of Kazakhstan show up and I think he was a drunk or something. That made them mad. But as for his antics on the show, it's not funny because of the way it portrays Kazakhstani's, but because of the way it shows some American's as being a little gullable. so the movie would be funniest if it was a mockumentary/documentary. The end.

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"We all have our favorite Stan, and Kazakhstan is mine. I don't know much about the place, but have taken a shine to it from watching Borat, the clueless Kazakh reporter on HBO's comedy showcase, Da Ali G Show. Played by Sacha Baron Cohen, Borat, in trying to ingratiate himself to Americans, blithely references his own country's horrors, making (false) claims such as that Kazakhstan's national sport is shooting a dog, then having a party. The Kazakh embassy's press secretary has protested, giving publications like the New Yorker point-by-point rebuttals. He has argued, for instance, that while Borat asserts Kazakhstan's favorite hobbies are disco dancing, archery, rape, and table tennis, archery is "not prominent." "

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