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Matthew Good. Rock Or Ballads?


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  1. 1. Matthew Good. Rock Or Ballads?

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What stlye of Matthew Good music do you like more?


There's the hard rocking tunes like Everything is Automatic and In Love With a Bad Idea


There's slow stuff like Sort of a Protest Song and Fated.


There is definately a LOT of room for ambiguity (is Tripoli rocking or slow?), but just try your best.


So where do you stand?

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this is tough because it pretty much depends on my mood, is what i like better but slower songs tend to be my fav like avalanche, the ocean and etc. so i went for that.

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I dunno if I'd differentiate between slow and hard songs..


Because, something like everything is automatic can be considered as much a ballad as fated.


I'd say that he has melodic songs and raw songs. Raw being most of his pre MGB music, and WLR&RR (poor man's grey), and melodic being most of his material. apparitions, avalanche, etc



I love those melodies.

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This is a tough one. One of the reasons I love his music because it's a mixture of a lot of different things and moods. I like bands that have hard rocking songs but also slower and softer songs that are just as good.


But I'll have to go with his rocking tunes as my favorite.

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Tripoli vs Tripoli (acoustic) Which one is better? That's a hard decision.


That goes with a lot of his songs. Sometimes loud rocking tunes like Fall of Man and Oh be Joyful are appropriate for the situation...Sometimes songs like The Ocean, The Bright End of Nowhere, Annabelle, Dusk, and the live slow version of Symbolistic White Walls work good. But songs inbetween, like Black Helicopter just fit into any situation.

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It definitely depends on my mood but for the most part I love the slower stuff and can listen to it at pretty much any time. If I want to get pumped up for something then I would listen to a song such as Oh Be Joyful! As for the slower stuff I have way too many faves. With regards to the acoustic songs he released on his greatest hits cd

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