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I really like working out and wondered if anyone else enjoys going to the gym as much as me. I find it keeps me in good shape and is a good stress reliever, especially during final times. Just the other day at the gym Strange Days came over the radio and I chuckled to myself. Not quite lifting music to say the least.

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I haven't exercised since the 18th. I vow to go to the gym on the 27th. I'm sad there's no X-mas camp for wrestling because that would save me the energy of going to the gym. Blast it all.


Anton, I hear you breakdancing is like hardcore ballet.

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Haha, the kids with steroids and listen to 50 Cent while they work out?

i have them


i feel stupid being there, being the guy with long black hair and and piercings and nailpolish among cliche gym crowd, so it's funny, but i love climbing, and i don't want to shrivle over the winter

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