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Does anyone here like country at all. I had a stint in the summer of 2003 I think. Then I turned right away from it, and started to hate it again. Well I think that I'm back for another go around with it, cause working in a truck with the crappy radio stations we have in Calgary, the country one is the one we find ourselves on most. Anyways what are your fave artists??


Personally I would say that I like the Rock/Coutnry guys, but there are some different ones.



Toby Keith - good drinking songs

Brad Paisley (hes got a babe wife)

Alan Jackson

Diamond Rio

but number one would be Garth Brooks.

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Garth is awesome. I used to like Toby too back when I listened to the talentless filth called country.


As for Shania, ewww. She hasn't been any good since the woman in me album.

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Guest jsunC

Country's sweet, well everything except for shania twain, she has the most annoying voice in the world it makes me cry.

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no one has said Johnny Cash yet???


thats a damn shame



find someone that says



I hate country!!!


ask them



do you like Johnny Cash?



oh i love him!!!



see...cause Johnny's above any genre....he's rad...

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