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Stephen King's Cell

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i haven't read it personally... a cousin of mine just finished it though and recommended it to me. Apparently it has to do with a cellphone signal that turns all cell users into ZOMBIES.


I think that any story with zombies, ninja, pirates and/or robots deserves * * * * *.


That's five stars.



...y'know for being good.

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Yeah I knew what it was about and it sounded like a great idea. I actually read an excerpt on Amazon just before it came out and it was pretty cool. As for Zombies get *****, I'm with you all the way on that one.

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King's always been a man that has left me leery. I'm at odds with his sobriety when it comes to writing.


I.e. The Shining, written while he struggled with at least alcohol abuse (possibly other substances).... His best work.


Cujo... Obviously written while coked out of his skull...


Doesn't make any goddamn sense. And I have no idea which retarded exec decided to make a movie out of it.


That said, the fact that he started in ernest to finish the dark tower series bespeaks a man who is starting to write for himself, rather than, as he claims, "telling stories people will like"


So The Cell definitely has my attention. I'm just waiting for it to hit the discount shelves at Chapters, so I can pick it up for five or six bucks.

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