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Lyric Adjustment: The Boy Come Home

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Hello everyone,


Regarding lyrics for "The Boy Come Home"


Not sure if this is place to post this, but just thought I would bring it to NF's attention.


Line 13

Pretty certain it is not:

them Papas they can't tell


Should be:

them Papas they catch hell


Line 20

Pretty certain it is not:

running for the line stretched to the desert, and our camoflouged hotels


Should be:

Unemployment lines stretched to the desert, and camouflage hotels.




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It goes like this:


Jarrod, oh Jarrod

You're so hella cool

It's tough for me when you're so far away

You're like a brother to me

Oh Jarrod, oh Jarrod

You're like a brother to me


And then I sent him a song too!


Oh Matty, oh Matty

You're only in Vancouver

Not far at all

Hop that bloody ferry

And you'll be here in no time


And then he sent me one:

Oh Jarrod, oh Jarrod

Who are you?

Stop stalking me

You're crazy ass mofo go to hell


Yup ;) I'm so excited!!!

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