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Secure Sites For Dowloading Music

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Actually, I have no fricken' idea. I don't know iTunes because I've never used it. I use the program, but never have downloaded anything off of it because I don't want to spend money on downloading music. If I'm going to spend money on downloading, then I might aswell go get myself the cd, then atleast I get the booklet and cd.


Don't use Limewire as you already know. It will assrape your computer 10x, kill it, then assrape it again.

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I find azureus is a bit of a memory hog. the official bittorrent client is great but it only allows one torrent at a time. Anton would tell you to use ABC as it is a pretty good client. My preference is BitComet because it is light and fast.

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Torrents are definitely the way to go. The best client I have found that has proven reliable where many others have failed is burst.


As far as P2P apps go I use BearShare and have no problems whatsoever.

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