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Once again, for those who missed my last thread, Lexicon Artist is:


Dana - Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Trumpet, Tambourine

Matt-Guitar, Vocals

Owen-Drums and other percussion

Stacey-Bass, Guitar, Piano


Here is our myspace address where you can listen to the 3 originals we've recorded, as well as check out a few pictures from our first gig. Please please please lemmie know what you think, as we're desperate for some comments.


Lexicon Artist


the songs are:


A Dog Named Happy: A really cool acoustic song. Nice highlight of Dana's voice.


Noah: A very interesting and quirky song. I love the lyrics.


Well it Seems to Me: We haven't put drums on this yet, as they take FOREVER with the program we're using. But it sounds really really good when it's rocked out a little.


If you guys have trouble listening to the songs, lemmie know, and I can probably YouSendIt a few of them.


I really hope you guys like us, please post some comments, questions, criticisms, etc.


Edit: Also, if it's not too demanding of me, try to limit posts made on the myspace page, as most of the ones on it are from local fans, etc.

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Cool shit. I love anything acoustic so I enjoyed those songs.


The lyrics were interesting.


The only real criticism I have is that Dana sounded very restrained in the songs. she can obviously sing, you can hear that in Noah where she really belts it out. but her volume is in and out too much.she's pickin and choosing parts to emphasize.


I think it would help the songs if you broke it up a bit and have interludes, or just instrumentals for a bit,verses where she is not singing. it's all go go go stop.


seeing as how your songs seem to be full of so many syllables - which is fine - it might work well to try something more up tempo. it almost sounds like she's slowing down her singing for the song,waiting to sing , if that makes sense. ( listen to the end of Noah, you can hear how tight it got when the tempo changes a bit)

also if she held notes longer for a chorus or somethiing- overlapping instrumentals- it would make it more dynamic.


I don't want to sound too critical cause you guys are cool, I'm just offering suggestions like you asked. and I can't sing half as good as dana.


bass would add alot.


more distortion and solo's (just kidding) though her voice would sound good with distortion.




those are my suggestions.

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Yeah, I agree with most of your points. She sings a lot better live for some reason than on these recordings, and they're all mellowed out. The climax of Well it Seems to Me is amazing. Listen to her belt out "it won't buy you anything but a greyhound tiiiiickkkkkeetttt....". In the recording, it's all leveled out, but when we were recording, she was like, screaming it and it was fucking amazing.


I'm very VERY eager to get a recording done of a song we do called Lady Luck. It's very rock-ish, up tempo, plus I wrote the lyrics.


Thanks a lot for your comments. ;)

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I'm just wondering how you recorded this, cause the sound qualtiy is pretty good. I'm looking to record stuff but my microphone on my computer is crap.

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I'm just wondering how you recorded this, cause the sound qualtiy is pretty good. I'm looking to record stuff but my microphone on my computer is crap.

We used the program Garage Band on a borrowed Mac laptop. And yeah, it's pretty decent for our purposes.

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Owen, I gotta say, I really enjoy it. I just added you guys to my friends list and I'll put you in my top friends once you accept the add (as I try to do with smaller bands so maybe my friends'll check them out.) good stuff.

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